Privacy Policy

Emails are collected via a Mailchimp form. Their Privacy Policy is here. We will will use these emails solely for the purpose of communicating information about this conference and future conferences.

Tickets are being sold through Event Brite. Their Privacy Policy is here. We will use the attendee list solely for confirming ticket payment and admitting people into the conference. We will not provide this list to sponsors or anyone else.

Talks proposals submitted to out CFP are managed via the Microsoft CMT (Conference Management Toolkit). Their Privacy Policy is here. We will use use this information for selecting speakers for the conference. If the talk proposals discuss or hint at vulnerabilities, it will be treated by the reviewers as TLP Amber, meaning that the reviewers may use this information to ensure the security of the companies they work for against the issue described, but will not disseminate the issue further. Any vulnerabilties should have already been disclosed to their respective cloud providers.

Information provided in applying for the scholarships will be used solely for the purpose of selecting students to award the scholarships to.